Sweet Sacrament divine

Sweet Sacrament divine. Francis Stanfield* (1835-1914). Published in Stanfield’s Catholic Hymns (Part I 1858, Part II 1860), for Holy Communion. It had four stanzas, with stanzas 2 and 3 celebrating ‘Peace’ and ‘Rest’: Sweet Sacrament of Peace!  Dear home for every heart,Where restless yearnings cease  And sorrows all depart.There in Thine ear, all trustfullyWe tell our tale of misery,  Sweet Sacrament of Peace! Sweet Sacrament of Rest!  Ark from the ocean's roar,Within Thy shelter blest  Soon may we reach the shore.Save us, for still the tempest raves;Save, lest we sink beneath the waves;  Sweet Sacrament of Rest! This much-loved hymn was found in the Westminster Hymnal (1912), in the...

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