Sunset to sunrise changes now

Sunset to sunrise changes now. Clement of Alexandria* (ca. 150- ca. 215/220), translated by Howard Chandler Robbins* (1876-1952). This is described in The H40 Companion (p. 61)as ‘a paraphrase and expansion’ of a passage in Clement’s Exhortation to the Greeks, or the Protreptikos. The original occurs in Chapter XI: The universe has become sleepless light, and the setting has turned into a rising. For He who rides over the universe, ‘the sun of righteousness’, visits mankind impartially, imitating His Father, who ‘causes his sun to rise upon all men,’ and sprinkles them all with the dew of truth. He it was who changed the setting into a rising, and crucified death into life; who having...

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