Stay, Master, stay upon this heavenly hill

Stay, Master, stay upon this heavenly hill. Samuel Greg* (1804-1876). First published in Greg’s Scenes from the Life of Jesus (1854), a book written for Sunday school teachers. It was printed at the end of a chapter on the Transfiguration. It had four stanzas. It was later reprinted in Macmillan’s Magazine (1870), and included in W. Garrett Horder*’s Congregational Hymns: A Hymnal for the Free Churches (1884) and in his Worship-Song (1905). It became popular with Methodists, but with no other denomination: it was printed in the United Methodist Church Hymnal (1893), the Primitive Methodist Hymnal Supplement (1912), and in MHB. British Methodists have continued to value it, and it is found...

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