Splendor paternae gloriae

Splendor paternae gloriae. Ambrose of Milan* (339/340-397). This hymn on the splendour of the Father’s glory is accepted as the work of Ambrose of Milan. It is a morning hymn, ‘Ymnus ad Matutinam’ (Milfull, Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, p. 142), a companion or sequel to ‘Aeterne rerum conditor’*. See also Analecta Hymnica 50. 11-12 and AH 2. 29-31. It was ascribed to St Ambrose by early writers such as Fulgentius, Bede* and Hincmar. In the Old Hymnal it was sung daily at Lauds, and in the New Hymnal at Lauds on Mondays. Daniel, Thesaurus Hymnologicus I. 24-5 prints the text in eight 4-line verses of the traditional Ambrosian metre (iambic dimeter), together with the revised Roman...

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