Son of Man, to Thee I cry

Son of Man, to Thee I cry. Richard Mant* (1776-1848). This hymn is a free arrangement of lines from a poem in irregular stanzas in Mant’s Holydays of the Church; or Scripture Narratives of Our Blessed Lord’s Life and Ministry (1828). The text in Roundell Palmer’s The Book of Praise (1862) was as follows: Saviour, who, exalted highIn Thy Father’s majestyYet vouchsaf’st Thyself to showTo Thy faithful flock below;Foretaste of that blissful sight,When, arrayed in glorious light,Beaming with paternal grace,They shall see Thee face to face:Saviour, though this earthly shroudNow my mortal vision cloud,Still Thy presence let me see,Manifest Thyself to me!  Son of God, to Thee I cry: By the holy...

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