Sing to him in whom creation

Sing to him in whom creation. Michael Edward Hewlett* (1916-2000). This hymn was written for Pentecost as a processional hymn, which accounts for its length (six 6-line stanzas). It was first published in English Praise (1975) entitled ‘For a Processional’. Designed to be sung to the tune WESTMINSTER ABBEY, it refers to the work of the Holy Spirit in various settings, from the first act of creation in stanza 1, through the life of Christ and the events of Pentecost (‘By the wind of Whitsun blown’, stanza 4) to the final stanza’s doxology. It is found in HP and NEH. The Scottish CH4 (2005) uses a much modified text by David J. Hurd Jr.*, who composed the tune JULION for it. Hurd’s version...

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