Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive

Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive. Isaac Watts* (1674-1748).  From The Psalms of David imitated in the language of the New Testament, and apply’d to the Christian State and Worship (1719). It was entitled ‘Psalm LI. First Part. Long Metre. A Penitent Pleading for Pardon.’ It had six stanzas:  Shew pity, Lord, O Lord forgive, Let a repenting Rebel live: Are not thy Mercies large and free? May not a Sinner trust in Thee?  My Crimes are great, but not surpass The Power and Glory of thy Grace: Great God, thy Nature hath no Bound, So let thy pardoning Love be found.  O wash my Soul from every Sin, And make my guilty Conscience clean; Here on my Heart the Burden lies, And past Offences pain my...

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