Send your Word

Send your Word. Yasushige Imakoma* (1926–2013), paraphrased by Nobuaki Hanaoka* (1944– ).  Yasushige Imakoma (1926–2013) prepared this text in 1965 for Pentecost Sunday to be sung by congregation he served in Kawasaki. Taiwanese educator and ethnomusicologist I-to Loh* describes the origins of this hymn:  The poet believes that the crisis and wars of the world are caused by the lack of verbal communication, as shown by God’s interference in the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1–9). The only way to solve the problem is to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, as did the people in Acts, Chapter 1, who were able to communicate with those who spoke in languages presumed to be...

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