Saviour, who exalted high

Saviour, who exalted high. Richard Mant* (1776-1848).

This hymn is an arrangement of lines from a poem by Mant in his Holydays of the Church; or Scripture Narratives of Our Blessed Lord’s Life and Ministry (1848). It was associated with Saints James and Jude. Selections from the poem were made in 19th-century hymnals (see JJ, p.997). The most widely known was that in Church Hymns (1871) beginning ‘Son of Man, to Thee I cry’, in four stanzas of six lines, beginning (2) ‘Lamb of God, to Thee I cry’, (3) ‘Prince of Life, to Thee I cry’ and (4) ‘Lord of glory, God most high’.

That selection omitted the first stanza of Mant’s poem (which was written in stanzas of irregular length). The Baptist Church Hymnal (Revised Edition, 1933) made a version in four 8-line stanzas, restoring Mant’s first verse beginning ‘Saviour, Who exalted high’. This text was followed, without the capital in ‘Who’, in CP and RS, set in both books to ABERYSTWYTH.


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