Revive Thy work, O Lord

Revive Thy work, O Lord. Albert Midlane* (1825-1909). First published in the British Messenger (October 1858), it was reprinted in The Evangelist’s Hymn Book (1860), and rapidly became popular. It is based on Habbakuk 3:2. It had six stanzas, the second of which has sometimes been omitted: Revive Thy work, O Lord; Disturb this sleep of death; Quicken the smouldering embers now By Thine almighty breath. For the 1860 publication, Midlane’s verses were given a refrain, written by Fanny Crosby*, which became closely associated with the hymn in books such as Ira D. Sankey*’s Sacred Songs and Solos: Revive Thy work, O Lord, While here to Thee we bow; Descend, O gracious Lord,...

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