Portal of the world’s salvation

Portal of the world’s salvation. Laurence Housman* (1865-1959). This is a translation of a late medieval Latin hymn, ‘Mundi salus affutura’, on the visit of the Virgin Mary to St Elizabeth (Luke 1: 39-45), found in EH where it is associated with Plainchant* or with COLLAUDEMUS. It celebrates the Virgin Mary’s part in the Incarnation, fulfilling Old Testament prophecy. The complicated verses 2 and 3 include a number of OT images of God’s saving power: the bruising of the serpent’s head (Genesis 3: 15), the burning bush (Exodus 3: 2-10), Gideon’s fleece (Judges 6: 37-40), Aaron’s rod (Exodus 7: 9-10), the bride of Solomon (The Song of Solomon 4: 8-11), the branch of Jesse (Isaiah 11:1), the...

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