Piae Cantiones

Piae Cantiones. This collection of carols and songs was published in Greifswald, then part of Swedish territory, in 1582. It consisted of 74 items, arranged in 11 sections: 24 Cantiones for Christmas; 9 for Passion-tide and Easter; 1 for Pentecost; 3 for Trinity Sunday; 2 for Holy Communion; 4 ‘Songs of Prayer’; 14 on ‘the Frailty and Miseries of Human Life’ (‘De Fragilitate et Miseriis Humanae Conditionis’); 10 on School Life; 2 on Peace; 3 ‘Songs of History’; and 2 Carols for Spring. The collection was edited by Theodoric Petri of Nyland (ca. 1560- ca. 1630), who came from an aristocratic family in Finland, and who was educated at Rostock. The collection was compiled while...

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