Our Father, through the coming year

Our Father, through the coming year. William Gaskell* (1805-1884).  According to JJ, p.406, this hymn was one of the many hymns by Gaskell in John Relly Beard*’s A Collection of Hymns for Public and Private Worship (London and Manchester, 1837). JJ also noted that the original printing began ‘Father, throughout the coming year...’.  It was not in either of the two principal collections by James Martineau*, Hymns for the Christian Church and Home (1840) and Hymns of Praise and Prayer (1873). Nor was it included by Samuel Johnson* and Samuel Longfellow* in their influential Unitarian anthology, Hymns of the Spirit (Boston, 1864). Nevertheless, it became well known in the USA, either in the...

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