Orlando de Lassus

LASSUS, Orlando de. b. Mons, the Netherlands, 1530 or 1532; d. Munich, 14 June 1594. Born at Mons (in present-day Belgium), Lassus was one of the most prolific and cosmopolitan of 16th-century composers, writing sacred and secular works in the predominant Latin, Italian, French, and German genres of his day. The earliest biographical details come from the Munich humanist Samuel Quickelberg’s (1529–1567) entry on Lassus in a 1566 biographical directory. Quickelberg noted that aged about 12 Lassus entered the employ of Ferrante Gonzaga of Mantua. Lassus’s Italian years extended from 1544 to 1554 and took him successively to Mantua, Palermo, Milan, Naples, and Rome, where he served as maestro...

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