Open my eyes, that I may see

Open my eyes, that I may see. Clara H. Scott* (1841-1897). The words and music of this hymn were first published in Elisha Hoffman* and Harold F. Sayles’ Best Hymns, No. 2 (Chicago, 1895). It was included in very many American songbooks from 1921 onwards, and is still found in many authorized hymnals such as UMH, editions of the Baptist Hymnal (1991, 2008) and Glory to God: the Presbyterian Hymnal (2013). It is notable for its remarkable use of rhyme: Open my eyes, that I may seeGlimpses of truth the wonderful keyThat shall unclasp and set me free.Silently now I wait for thee,Ready, my God, thy will to see;Open my eyes; illumine me,  Spirit divine! Open my ears, the I may hearVoices of...

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