One, only one, shall be the fold

One, only one, shall be the fold. Friedrich Adolf Krummacher* (1767-1845), translated by Catharine Hannah Dunn* (1815-1863). This is Dunn’s translation of Krummacher’s hymn, ‘Eine Heerde und ein Hirt’*, in her Hymns from the German (1857), where it is called ‘The Blessed Hope’. Her translation of the stanza above uses the Biblical ‘fold’ (from John 10: 16) in preference to Krummacher’s ‘Heerde’ (‘flock’). Her translation of the first stanza was: One, only one, shall be the fold,   And one the faithful Guardian there, Soon shall the earth that day behold,   When the Good Shepherd shall appear: Rejoice, O timid, wandering sheep, Jesus his word will surely keep. The hymn is designed to...

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