On Zion’s glorious summit stood

On Zion’s glorious summit stood. John Kent* (1766-1843)*.  This is not one of the hymns by Kent listed in JJ  p. 623, but it was one of his best known in the USA. It must have been published (this has not been verified) in his Collection of Original Gospel Hymns (Dock [Plymouth Dock], 1803), because it was included by John Dobell* in A New Selection of Seven Hundred Evangelical Hymns for Private, Family, and Public Worship (1806). In the Sixth Edition (1826) it was entitled ‘The Lamb, and His Virgin Company’:  On Zion’s glorious summit stood A num’rous host, redeem’d by blood; The hymn’d their King, in strains divine; I heard the song, and strove to join.  Here all who suffer’d sword or...

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