On this day, the first of days

On this day, the first of days. Sir Henry Williams Baker* (1821-1877). This is a translation of a Latin Office Hymn found in the Carcassonne Breviary of 1745 and in other Breviaries (Cahors, 1746, Le Mans, 1748). It was designated for use on Sundays from Pentecost to Advent. It began Die parente temporum, quo numen extra proferens rerum Pater, fons omnium, verbo fit orbis artifex,… It continued with attributes for God as Father (fountain of all), Son, and Holy Spirit. The Le Mans text was printed by John Mason Neale* in his Hymni Ecclesiae (1851). Baker’s translation was printed in the First Edition of A&M (1861) and remained in successive editions until it was omitted...

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