O Trinity of blessed light

O Trinity of blessed light. Latin, translated by John Mason Neale* (1818-1866). This is a translation of ‘O lux beata Trinitas’*, a hymn confidently attributed to Ambrose of Milan* in JJ (p. 842), and therefore in EH, but now thought not to be by him. It was a two-stanza hymn, found in The Hymnal Noted Part I (1851), and printed in an altered form in the First Edition of A&M , beginning ‘O Trinity, most blessèd Light’. It was printed with a doxology in the Second Edition, and in EH, which uses Neale’s version: O Trinity of blessèd light,O Unity of princely might,The fiery sun now goes his way;Shed thou within our hearts thy ray. To thee our morning song of praise,To thee our evening...

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