O Trinity, O blessed Light

O Trinity, O blessed Light. William Drummond of Hawthornden* (1585-1649). This translation first appeared in A Primer or Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, published by the Catholic John Heigham (Saint-Omer, 1619) where it was one of a series of 19 hymns described as ‘a new translation done by one most skilful in English poetry’ (Barkley, 1979, p. 90). They were linked to Drummond’s name in The Works of William Drummond, of Hawthornden. Consisting of Those which were formerly Printed, and Those which were design’d  for the Press. Now Published from the Author’s Original Copies (Edinburgh, 1711). This one was entitled ‘Hymn for Saturday’: O Trinity, O blessed Light, O Unity, most...

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