O Thou whose hand hath brought us

O Thou whose hand hath brought us. Frederic William Goadby* (1845-1879). Written for the opening of a chapel at Beechen Grove, Watford, during Goadby’s tragically short time as a minister at Watford. It had five 8-line stanzas, and is a fine hymn for the opening of a place of worship. It was printed in the Baptist Hymnal (1879), in the year of Goadby’s death at the age of 34. It remained in use in Baptist books up to and including BHB, and was also valued by Wesleyan Methodists, who used it in the Methodist Hymn Book (1904); it was also in MHB, where it was the last hymn in the book. Its references to the ‘new house’ (‘For this new house we praise Thee’, stanza 2, and ‘Make this new house...

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