O Thou, who didst Thy light display

O Thou, who didst Thy light display. Adelaide Thrupp (‘A.T.’*, 1831-1908). This hymn on the Conversion of St Paul was first published in Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship (Cambridge, 1853), edited by her brother, Joseph Francis Thrupp*. It was one of two hymns by ‘A.T.’ in the book, the other being ‘Thou who at Cana’s wedding feast’ (see ‘Lord, who at Cana's wedding-feast’*). The present hymn was preceded by ‘Suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven. – Acts ix. 2.’ It had three 6-line stanzas:  O Thou, who didst Thy light display   Before Damascus’ gate. And on the persecutor’s way   With gentle chidings wait, Thyself in mercy to reveal, And turn to Thee the misaim’d...

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