O the deep, deep love of Jesus

O the deep, deep love of Jesus. Samuel Trevor Francis* (1834-1925).   Written before 1898, when it was published in Francis’s Whence-Whither, and Other Poems. It had eight stanzas (accessible at https://www.hymnologyarchive.com/o-the-deep-deep-love-of-jesus). It was shortened to three stanzas in Hymns of Consecration and Faith 2 (1902), and in The Song Companion to the Scriptures (1911), and this has become the customary version in hymnals (the full hymn is in the posthumously-published collection of Francis’s work, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, and other sacred poems (1926). It is by far the best known of Francis’s hymns. The three stanzas found in The Song Companion were as follows: Oh,...

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