O that mine eyes would closed be

O that mine eyes would closed be. Thomas Ellwood* (1639-1713).  This hymn is taken from The History of the Life of Thomas Ellwood. Or, an Account of his Birth, Education, &c… Written by his own hand. To which is added a Supplement by J. W. (1714). Published after Ellwood’s death, his autobiography was supplemented by Joseph Wyeth (J.W.) in which this poem is quoted on page 462: O that mine Eye might closed be To what becomes me not to see! The Deafness might possess mine Ear, To what concerns me not to hear! The Truth my Tongue might always ty, From ever speaking Foolishly! That no vain Thought might ever rest, Or be conceived in my Breast! That, by each Word, each Deed, each Thought,...

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