O sacred Head, sore wounded

O sacred Head, sore wounded. Paul Gerhardt* (1607-1676), translated by Robert Bridges* (1844-1930). This is a translation of a German hymn which in turn is based on a Latin one. Gerhardt’s ‘O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden’*, printed in Christoph Runge and Johann Crüger*’s D.M. Luthers und anderer vornehmen geistreichen und gelehrten Männer geistliche Lieder und Psalmen (Berlin, 1653), from a Latin hymn, ‘Salve caput cruentatum’*, at one time ascribed to St Bernard of Clairvaux* but now thought to be probably by Arnulf von Löwen*. There have been many versions of this hymn: other major ones are ‘O sacred Head, surrounded’* by Sir Henry Williams Baker* in the A&M tradition, and the American...

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