O radiant light, O Sun divine

O radiant light, O Sun divine.  Greek, perhaps Third Century, translated by William George Storey* (1923-2014). This translation of ‘Phos hilaron’* is given a copyright date of 1979. It began: O radiant light, O Sun divine, of God the Father’s deathless face, O image of the Light divine that fills the heavenly dwelling-place. Information on the recent use of this hymn is found in Hymnary.org., to which the following is much indebted. It was included in The Presbyterian Hymnal: hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs (Louisville, Kentucky, 1990) and it has been retained in Glory to God: the Presbyterian Hymnal (2013). It was also in the Lutheran  ELW (2012). But its chief use has been in Roman...

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