O let Jehovah’ s liberal hand

O let Jehovah’ s liberal hand. Susanna Harrison* (1752-1784).  From Harrison’s Songs in the Night, by a young woman under deep afflictions, first( published in 1780. In the Seventh American Edition (New York, 1847) it was no. CXVIII, entitled ‘Praising God for a Plentiful Harvest’. It had six stanzas:  O let Jehovah’s liberal handBe own’d and sung through all the land’Tis He that sends a plenteous store,His name let every soul adore.  Let undeserved goodness raiseOur admiration and our praise:Such vile, rebellious sinners areUnworthy of the smallest share.  But, how does mercy yet abound!How is the year with plenty crown’d!For man and beast a rich supplyIs wisely order’d from on...

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