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O God of heaven, we give thee thanks

O God of heaven, we give thee thanks. Anastasia Van Burkalow* (1911-2004). This four-stanza hymn, dated 1973, captures beautifully Anastasia Van Burkalow’s passion for the planet she had spent a lifetime studying:   O God of heaven, we give thee thanks  for all thy gifts of light:the brilliance of the sun by day,  the moon and stars by night;and that most gracious Light of lights,  our Savior and our King,who came the night of sin to end,  eternal day to bring.  O God of earth, we give thee thanks  for making earth so fair;for plains and mountains, lakes and streams,  for sky and sea and air.O God of life, we give thee thanks  for grass and herb and tree,for living creatures of all...

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