O God, Thou art the Father

O God, Thou art the Father. Attributed to St Columba* (521-597), translated by Duncan MacGregor* (1854-1923).  This is a translation of the hymn beginning ‘In Te, Christe, credentium miserearis omnium’. Both sections were traditionally attributed to St Columba, but a note in the Trinity College MS casts doubt on his authorship of the first part. For details of the MS, the translation, its original, and its first publication, see the entry on ‘Christ is the world's Redeemer’*. This translates the first part of the hymn:  Have mercy, Christ, have mercy On all that trust in thee,For Thou art God in glory To all eternity.  O God, make speed to save us In life’s abounding throes;O God, make...

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