O God, of all the Strength and Power

O God, of all the Strength and Power. Latin, before 9th century, translated by several hands. This translation of ‘Rerum Deus tenax vigor’* was the hymn for The Ninth Hour in the First and Second Editions of A&M. It was one of the three hymns that referred back to the monastic tradition (cf. ‘Come, Holy Ghost, Who ever One’* and ‘O God of truth, O Lord of might’*). It was replaced in A&M (1904) by ‘O God, the world’s sustaining force’ (see ‘O God, Creation’s secret Force’*), but its presence in the ‘Old Edition’ ensured its survival into A&MS. It was described in the index of the Second Edition of A&M as being by ‘Rev. J.M. Neale, D.D., and compilers’, but, as JJ points out...

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