O Faith of England, taught of old

O Faith of England, taught of old. Thomas Alexander Lacey* (1853-1931).  This remarkable hymn was written for EH (1906). It had four 12-line stanzas. It opened the section entitled ‘Church and People’, under the sub-heading ‘The Church’. Unusually for a British book, the words were printed between the staves, with stanzas 1 and 2 to be sung in harmony, and 3 and 4 in unison:  O Faith of England, taught of oldBy faithful shepherds of the fold,  The hallowing of our nation;Thou wast through many a wealthy year,Through many a darkened day of fear,  The rock of our salvation.Arise, arise, good Christian men,Your glorious standard raise again,  The Cross of Christ who calls you;Who bids you live...

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