O come, Redeemer of mankind, appear

O come, Redeemer of mankind, appear. David Thomas Morgan* (1809-1886). This is a version of ‘Veni Redemptor gentium’*, a hymn by Ambrose of Milan*. It was not widely translated in Britain in the early part of the 19th century because of what JJ described as ‘a somewhat unfortunate ecclesiastical prudery’ (p. 1211). It is hard to see what this might have been, unless it was ‘virili semine’ in stanza 2. Morgan’s translation appeared in his Hymns of the Latin Church. Translated by D.T. Morgan. With the originals appended (privately printed, 1871). This was enlarged as Hymns and other Poetry of the Latin Church, Arranged according to the Calendar of the Church of England (1880). His...

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