New articles published in 2019

10 May 2019

New articles published in 2019:



I want Jesus to walk with me.
Awaked from sleep we fall (1)
My sins, my sins, my Saviour
My sins have taken such a hold on me
All this night shrill chanticleer
William Austin
O God of good the unfathomed sea.
Jesu, to thee my heart I bow
My soul before Thee prostrate lies
Thou Lamb of God, thou Prince of Peace..
Awake, O Lord, as in the time of old.
One holy night in Bethlehem
We sang our glad Hosannas
Mary Nelson Keithahn
Twells on Lyte
Rest of the weary, Joy of the sad
O Jesu, source of calm repose
O King of kings, O Lord of hosts, whose throne is lifted high
May God be near thee, friend
Monarche aller Ding.
Awaked from sleep we fall
Sanford Fillmore Bennett
The daylight fades, The evening shades
The morning bright, with rosy light.
Let sighing cease and woe.



Accept, O Lord, our Alms, though small
Wilson Carlile
There is no love like the love of Jesus
William E. Littlewood
Let the whole creation cry
Hope Publishing Company
When Jesus wept
O God of Truth, whose living Word
Thomas Hughes
Hugh Blair
The love of God is greater far
Frederick Martin Lehman
Have you had a kindness shown
Hail, Queen of Heaven, the ocean Star
Nearer, still nearer, close to Thy heart



Father of all, to Thee
Thee will I love, my Strength, my Tower
When I can read my Title clear
John Core
All beautiful the march of days
Frances Whitmarsh Wile
Flor y Canto
We know not a voice of that River
Jacob French
'Christ the Lord is risen today'
Round the Sacred City gather
Charles Harford Lloyd
The hand of God
I will trust Him
Let us look to Jesus
F.M. Hamilton
Theoctistus of the Studium
Dear Refuge of my weary soul
I want to be an angel
Christ receiveth sinful men



To our Redeemer's glorious name
My Maker and my King
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss
Mark Miller
I waited for the Lord my God
Alas, what hourly dangers rise
Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor
Sally Ann Morris
A little child the Saviour came
William Robertson, of Monzievaird
You now must hear my voice no more. William Robertson, d.1745*
Let not your hearts with anxious thoughts. William Robertson, d.1745*.
How few receive with cordial faith. William Robertson, d. 1745*.
William Robertson, d. 1745
Jehovah Tsidkenu
Michael Morgan
Jesu, meek and gentle
George Rundle Prynne