Endorsement from I-to Loh

13 January 2014

“The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology is a timely welcome publication for the expanded new world of hymnody. Even before the Hymn explosion in England during the 1960s, Asia and many parts of the world have already produced many hymns with their respective contextual ethnic imageries, poetic forms, musical styles and accompaniment, but were mostly unknown to other parts of the world. The publication of the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology has brought new insights into the understanding of Christian faith and theological issues through these 'third world hymns.' I trust that the new knowledge would undoubtedly enrich the dynamic of hymn singing and enhance the unity of the universal Church as well as the spiritual nourishment of Christians around the globe."

I-to Loh, MDiv., SMM, PhD, FHS
Chair Professor of Church Music and Worship, Tainan Theological College and Seminary, Taiwan,
Editor of Seng-Si, Official Hymnal of PCT, Taiwan, 2009, and General editor of Sound the Bamboo: CCA Hymnal 2000