Nun danket alle Gott

Nun danket alle Gott. Martin Rinckart* (1586-1649). This famous hymn was probably first published in Rinckart’s Jesu Hertz-Büchlein (Leipzig, 1636), but no copy of that book is known; it appeared in the Second Edition (Leipzig, 1663), and before that it had been printed in an edition of Johann Crüger*’s Praxis Pietatis Melica (Berlin, 1648) and the hymn book edited by Christoph Runge* for Crüger in 1653, D.M. Luthers und anderer vornehmen geistreichen und gelehrten Männer Geistliche Lieder und Psalmen (Berlin, 1653, known as the Crüger-Runge Gesang-Buch). In the 1663 book the hymn was entitled ‘Tisch-Gebetlein’ (‘a little table prayer’), suggesting that it was written for Rinckart’s family...

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