Now that our holy day is done

Now that our holy day is done. Sarah Doudney* (1841-1926).  This is from Doudney’s Psalms of Life (1871), where it was entitled ‘Sunday Evening Hymn’. It was prefaced by a quotation from the Book of Common Prayer version of Psalm 63: 7: ‘Have I not remembered Thee in my bed, and thought upon Thee when I was waking?’  Now that our holy day is done,  Our day so blest and bright, Lord, for the sake of Thy dear Son,  Vouchsafe us rest to-night.  Put thoughts of worldly strife aside,  Let love and faith increase; Grant us, on this calm eventide,  Thine own best gift of peace.  Faint echoes of our sacred songs  Shall haunt each weary brain, Even in sleep the heart prolongs  Our holy Sabbath...

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