Nothing but leaves!

Nothing but leaves! the spirit grieves.  Lucy Akerman* (1816-1874). Written ca. 1858, and printed in the Christian Observer (New York). According to JJ, it was inspired by a sermon of M.D. Conway. The text to which it refers is Mark 11.13: ‘he found nothing but leaves’. It was then printed anonymously in the first volume of a new periodical, The Family Treasury of Sunday Reading (Edinburgh and London, 1859). It was ‘a special favourite at the early Moody and Sankey meetings’ where it was sung by Ira D. Sankey* to accompany Dwight L. Moody*’s lecture on the Holy Spirit (Sankey, 1906, p. 176). It was set to a tune by Silas J. Vail (1818-1884). In spite of its Unitarian origins (it must be a...

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