Not to us be glory given

Not to us be glory given. Timothy Dudley-Smith* (1926- ). Written at Sevenoaks, Kent, in April 1970, this text was one of a batch of Psalm versions assigned to the author during the work towards Psalm Praise (1973). Each of the writing team was given a small quota of selected Psalms for paraphrasing in a contemporary style, and this represented Psalm 115, beginning Non nobis Domine*. It is built on a series of contrasts ‘Not…but…’, with the final four lines repeating the opening ones. The second half of stanza 3, says the author, ‘proved the least tractable’; a later change from ‘men yet adore’ to ‘yet some adore’ was ratified in 1984. Following Psalm Praise it appeared in Grace Hymns...

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