Not now, but in the coming years

Not now, but in the coming years. Maxwell N. Cornelius* (1842-1893) According to Sankey* (1906) the stanzas of this hymn, dated 1891, were published ‘in a Western newspaper’ (pp. 222-3). This would have been during the years that Cornelius was a Presbyterian pastor in California (1885-91). They were found in the newspaper by Daniel Webster Whittle*, who (according to Sankey) added the refrain: Then trust in God thro’ all the days; Fear not, for he doth hold thy hand; Though dark thy way, still sing and praise, Some time, some time, we’ll understand. It was given its tune, SOMETIME WE’LL UNDERSTAND, by James McGranahan*, and was published in Gospel Hymns Nos 5 and 6 Combined (New York and...

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