Not always on the mount may we

Not always on the mount may we. Frederick Lucian Hosmer* (1840-1929).  According to JJ, p. 1650, this was written in 1882, and ‘pub. in the Chicago Unity, April 1, 1884.’ This refers to a magazine entitled Unity published for some years in Chicago from 1878 onwards by Unitarians with a strong ethical agenda (see the Wikipedia entry on ‘Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company’). It was revised for publication in The Thought of God in Hymns and Poems, First Series (Boston, 1885), edited by Hosmer with William Channing Gannett*, during Hosmer’s years as a Unitarian minister in Cleveland, Ohio. The revision consisted of some changes of wording (e.g., ‘after’ replacing ‘weary’, stanza 3 line 3), and...

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