Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf

ZINZENDORF, Nikolaus Ludwig von. b. Dresden, 26 May 1700; d. Herrnhut, 9 May 1760. He was raised in the home of his Pietist maternal grandmother, Henriette von Gersdorf and educated at the Pietist School (Paedagogium) at Halle and the University of Wittenberg. Although forced to study law, his true vocation was theology, and his association with the Bohemian Brethren beginning in 1722 led him to ordination in the Lutheran Church and consecration as a Moravian bishop in 1737. He was of noble birth, and possessed of great wealth: he devoted his fortune to the work of the Unitas Fratrum. In 1722 he met Christian David and offered him part of his estate near Dresden on which to build a house...

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