News of Hymnody

News of Hymnody. This was the title of a newsletter of eight pages in Britain, which was an initiative of the SPCK, and published by Grove Books in parallel with News of Liturgy (a monthly newsletter published from 1975 to December 2003, edited by Colin Buchanan). The first number dated from 1982, and it continued until October 2003. The aims of the newsletter were to encourage new hymns, with suitable tunes, and to provide information about new authors, such as Margaret Clarkson* and Hilary Jolly*, and their hymns.  The editors were as follows: Robin A. Leaver (Nos. 1-16, January 1982-October 1985); Christopher Idle* (Nos. 17-43, January 1986- July 1992); Ruth Day (Nos. 44-64, October...

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