Must Jesus bear the cross alone

Must Jesus bear the cross alone. USA, 19th-century.  This hymn, a product of early 19th-century American Adventism, has appeared in 1083 USA collections. Some texts have the first line as ‘Must (or 'Shall') Simon bear his cross alone’.  It is found in two text versions and distinct musical settings. It is almost unknown in Britain, apart from a printing in the Song Book of the Salvation Army (1953 edition).  Version 1  The first commentary on a version of the hymn, its musical setting, author and composer was provided by Charles S. Nutter* in his Hymn Studies (New York, 1884), pp. 259; followed by JJ (p.1581) with additional sources of the text; thence to Robert Guy McCutchan* (1937, 1943,...

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