Monarche aller Ding.

Monarche aller Ding. Johann Anastasius Freylinghausen* (1670-1739). First published in Freylinghausen’s Neues Geist-reiches Gesang-Buch (Halle, 1714). It had eleven 6-line stanzas. It was described by James Mearns* in JJ as ‘a fine hymn of Praise, on the majesty and love of God’ (p. 396).  Its stanzas began as follows (with John Wesley*’s translation in parenthesis. He omitted stanzas 3, 4, and 8): Monarche aller Ding (‘Monarch of all, with lowly fear’) Du bist die Majestät  (‘Before thy Face, O Lord most High’) Du vollenkommenheit (‘Thou perfect One’, omitted by Wesley) Kommt alle her zu mir (‘ Come, all here, to me’, omitted by Wesley) Du bist das A und O  (‘Of all Thou the Beginning...

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