Martin Bucer

BUCER, Martin (BUTZER). b. Sélestat (Schlettstadt), Alsace, 11 November 1491; d. Cambridge, England, 28 February 1551. He was first educated in the Dominican Convent of his native town (1506 onwards); then he enrolled in the University of Heidelberg (31 January 1517) where he met Martin Luther*; he became an instant admirer of Luther and embraced his new doctrine and ideas. In 1521 he left the Order of St Dominic with which he had become totally incompatible. With the authorization of Rome, he became a secular priest. In the same year, he took refuge at Franz von Sickingen’s castle of Ebernburg, with Ulrich von Hutten* and Johannes Oecolampade. On 29 April 1521, he became the court chaplain...

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