Man lobt dich in der Stille

Man lobt dich in der Stille. Johann Rist* (1600-1667). This is found in the ‘Loben und Danken’ (‘Praise and Thanks’) section of EG in three 12-line stanzas (EG 323). They are the last three stanzas of a hymn beginning ‘Ich will den Herren loben’ (‘I wish to praise the Lord’) in 12 stanzas, found in the ‘Lob und Danklieder’ section of the 1652 edition of Rist’s Himlischer Lieder. It was entitled ‘Der Zehende Lobgesang. Ein Danklied zu Gott/ dass er unser Gebeht so gnädiglich erhöret und angenommen’ (‘the tenth song of praise: a hymn of thanks to God, because he has so graciously heard and accepted our prayer’). From a general hymn of praise, EG has skilfully chosen verses beginning with the...

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