’Mid all the traffic of the ways

’Mid all the traffic of the ways. John Oxenham* (1852-1941). This was published in Oxenham’s The Vision Splendid: some verse for the times and the times to come (1917). It had seven stanzas, headed ‘Sanctuary’: ’Mid all the traffic of the ways, - Turmoils without, within, - Make in my heart a quiet place, And come and dwell therein! - A little shrine of quietness, All sacred to Thyself, Where Thou shalt all my soul possess, And I may find myself; - A little shelter from Life’s stress, Where I may lay me prone, And bare my soul in lowliness, And know as I am known; - A solitude where I can think, A haven of retreat, Where of Thy Red Wine I may drink, And of Thy White Bread eat; - A...

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