Lü Xiaomin (吕小敏)

Lü Xiaomin (吕小敏). b. Fangcheng, Nanyang, Henan Province, China; 1970.Lü Xiaomin (Xiao Min) was born to a poor family of farmers belonging to the Hui minority group. She grew up at a village in Fangcheng, Nanyang, Henan Province. Dropping out of school during the first year of junior high due to severe sinusitis and other health issues, she stayed at home to help on her family farm (“Xia Min,” n.d., n.p).   Xiaomin became a Christian when her aunt shared the gospel with her. Later, she joined a house church taking the name of ‘Sister Ruth’. She attended worship services regularly, answering the call to the Christian ministry in 1990, and beginning to compose Christian songs. She claimed to...

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