Lucis Creator optime

Lucis Creator optime. Latin, author unknown, 8th Century or earlier.  According to JJ, p. 700, this hymn was found in many early books and manuscripts. It was at one time attributed to Gregory the Great*, but this is now believed to be unlikely. In monastic Uses it was the first hymn, and thus the Sunday hymn, for Vespers in the ‘New Hymnal’ (see ‘Medieval hymns and hymnals’*): Lucis Creator optimeLucem dierum proferens,Primordiis lucis novaeMundi parans originem:  Qui mane iunctum vesperiDiem vocari praecipis;Taetrum chaos inlabitur,Audi preces cum fletibus:  Ne mens gravata crimineVitae sit exsul munere,Dum nil perenne cogitat,Seseque culpis inligat.  Caelorum pulset intimum,Vitale...

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