Loving Creator

Loving Creator. Daniel Thambyrajah Niles* (1908-1970). This is the version in CH4 of Niles’s Trinitarian hymn addressed in its three verses to the three persons of the Holy Trinity, beginning ‘Father in heaven’*. In verse 1 the CH4 version avoids the image of ‘Father’ for God, changing the first line, and also lines 7-8 from ‘Father in heaven,/ Father, our God’ to ‘Loving Creator,/ Parent and God’. Verses 2 and 3 also have substantial alterations from Niles’s original: NilesCH4 Jesus Redeemer, May we remember Thy gracious passion, Thy resurrection.Worship we bring Thee, Praise we shall sing Thee—Jesus Redeemer, Jesus, our Lord. Spirit descending, Whose is the blessing,...

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